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Set-up Instructions & Guidelines 

The set up guidelines for each mall are listed. All vendors are expected to be ready 30 minutes prior to mall set up, failure to do so will result in you being turn away without refund. If you have any questions and issues please contact the person in charge for the show you are attending, or Kathy. To find the person in charge for each join our facebook group Kathy's Vendors. 

Capital City Mall- Camp Hill, Pa

  • Setup will be Thursday night @ 8pm or Fri. morning @ 8am. I highly suggest setting up Thursday night.

  • Mall hours are 10am-9pm Fri., Sat. and 11am-6pm Sun. You ARE required to stay the entire time

  • The mall will provide 1 qty 8 ft table, tablecloth and 2 chairs.

  • We will be located in center court in front of Macy’s.

  • You must arrive at least 30 min before the mall opens and must be fully setup by opening of the mall.

Christiana Mall- Newark, De

  • Setup will be Thurs/Fri/Sat night @ 8pm or Friday/Sat morning @ 8:30am. If you are only selling Sunday, setup will be 8pm Sat night or 9:30am Sunday morning. I highly suggest setting up Thursday night or the nights before selling day.

  • You will unload at the Fire Exit by JC Penny. PLEASE take the time to pull up the mall map and familiarize yourself with the entrance.

  • I will be waiting in the JC Penny wing to show you your spot.

  • Mall hours are 10am-8pm Fri & Sat and 11am-6pm Sun. You ARE REQUIRED to stay the entire time.

  • You MUST have floor length table cloths that fall to the floor.

  • Please have a fold up or Director chair. Camping chairs are NOT permitted by the mall. You also must provide your own tables.

  • If you have ANY special requests or needs, please private message me or text me at 13012686277 ASAP with them as I’m doing a PRELIMINARY floor plan. Once I meet with the mall Thursday at noon, I’ll have a more definite floor plan.

Jacksonville Mall -
Jax. NC

Jacksonville Mall Set-up Details:


All vendors will be located in Center Court

Each vendor will be provided with two 8-ft tables, two chairs, and tablecloths. 

You must set up between 8:30 am-10 am. If you would like to leave the mall until the event starts, you may secure your merchandise in your space before the event begins. Security will monitor the area with CCTV cameras and a few security officers will actively patrol the mall throughout the day. If you have any questions while setting up, text me at (910)-650-8602. If there is an emergency and you need to contact security, you can call 910-353-2478 ext. 223


To enter the mall:

Use the employee entrance located near the JCPenney entrance (facing Sears). 

This door is closest to the parking lot light pole 17. The door will lead you to the area in front of JCPenney & New York Nails. Turn Right and proceed straight to Center Court to locate vendor tables.

You may prop the door open while you are loading & unloading your merchandise. Please remember to close these doors as soon as you are done.

Magnolia Mall- Florence, SC

  • Set-up is Thursday night at 9p, but arrive by 8:30.

  • Set up can be done after the mall closes (closes at 9pm) on Thursday night or before the mall opens on Friday morning (opens at 10am).

  • Vendors should use the service entrance on the back side of the mall between Belk and Tilt (painted purple awning and doors) for unloading.

  • If these service doors are locked, please contact mall security at 843.230.8028 and they can assist in letting you in.

  • Vendors must be set up before the mall opens at 10am or they will not be allowed to set up that day and will have to wait until the following day.

  • Each vendor will receive two skirted tables and two chairs and should be in actuality a 10X10 space

Park City Mall -
Lancaster, PA

  • You can setup on Friday night between 8pm-11pm. You can park at the entrance near the old TGIFridays and the Japanese Restaurant.

  • Come in the mall entrance and walk straight to the center court.

  • If you are setting up Sat morning, you may start setting up at 9am and will use the employee service door to the right of the same entrance.

  • Per Mall Management, you MUST complete setting up by 11am, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Management & Security will walk the mall to ensure we are open.

  • The mall will provide a fold up chair for you, NO camping chairs allowed.

  • All vendor spots have a power outlet and should have enough space to be able to make a U shape.

  • You must have a floor length (all sides) tablecloth.

  • All excess items (carts/stock) must be stored under your table or returned to your car.

  • You may leave your items overnight but if you do, please bring something to cover them. The mall nor Hott’s Promotions will be liable.

Eastwood Mall - Niles, OH 

  • Unload at food court entrance of mall at 8 a. on Saturday morning

  • Must be set-up and ready to go 30 minutes prior to Mall opening failure to do so will result in you being turned away without refund! 

  • Kathy will meet you in the food court and give you your spots 

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