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about hott's Promotions

Hott's Promotions was founded 10 years ago by Kathy Hott. Kathy is a mother, a grandmother, a retiree from the Hampshire County school district, a former vendor and a dedicated event coordinator. She's not afraid to stand up for her vendors because she prioritizes their success.   


Over the course of 10 years Hott's Promotions has been able to place vendors in over 20 malls in over 7 states from Nashville, Tennessee all the way up to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Before partnering with any mall, Hott's Promotions does an extensive evaluation of the location to ensure the area is affluent, safe and meets our highest standards! Our team prioritizes the needs of our vendors and will both protect and fight for their needs. This is a company created for vendors by a vendor, so we understand! Hott's Promotions is dedicated to getting entrepreneurs and small business in the highest quality locations. 

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